Friday, November 28, 2008


This is a app like fortune which will display a verse from Dhammapada. It seems to be really good and helps us time to time who we are and why we are here(if u use it excessively)

Big Thank you to the developer of this nice app.

The author is Ričardas Čepa.

You can find it here.

You can install it for ubuntu using
#apt-get install display-dhammapada

This is xdhamma

This is display-dhammapada

Saturday, November 01, 2008


I never thought its going to be Ubuntu that I'm going to use with my laptop. nut it happened.after bringing it up to the level
i need, the new release came. 8.10. Most of my friends suggest not to install it and guess there will be lot of bugs that will eventually bring down the whole machine. Ok, but somebody have to do it. :)
After all it will be just installing the OS again, if something goes wrong. Its still downloading the new packages and hopefully
it will work fine. :D
The best thing was two of my friends install Ubuntu in there machines(one was a PC and the other was HP pavilion). Everything is ok with PC but it didn't recognize Vista during the installation. :)
With laptop we didn't have needed firmware to bring up the wireless card. :(
but we been able to compile the new kernel with drivers and viola.. It works.But my friend need to get all these compiz effects with his nvidia card and it didn't work. We refer half of the web but for no result.
Ubuntu is good. its good as the starting point. I can talk about the starting point since I'm in the starting point.
There are nearly 10 or so people who use linux(ubuntu mostly) for there day to day work. Kind of a leap in progression as a result of moving to the level 4 :)
Hope there will be more friends to share the knowledge with the end of the Semester.

Friday, May 30, 2008


After trying 6 distros including
ubuntu - shld have a internet connection
mepis - great, But KDE
fedora 8 - good but I feel it's not for me(Too much)
BLAG - good distro based on FC7, but seems it need internet connection too
OpenSuse - big mistake, it crashes when I tried to mount NTFS (after all it comes from Novell)
then I came to know PCLOS
actually this one seems to good for my needs since it has almost everything and can be download what ever the software we want with dependencies.
just try apt-get install wireshark
it will show what it needed and where we can download it. Since I don't have internet connection it can't connect and it will show the error with link.
So I can use the links to download the rpm's.
Maybe this can be done with apt-get with every distro, and that shld find out first. If it is yes I can go to my ever loving ubuntu.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shell Scripting Workshop

Last weekend that is on 15th March 2008 I got a chance to participate to a shell scripting workshop done by LUG members. One of my good friend Hayesha gave me this chance . I don't think I have enough words to describe abt the knowledge gained by that event and the inspiration got from the geeks who were there.
Some of the known names were Anuradha Ratnaweera , Bud, Suchetha Wijenayake, Sanjeewa Wijerathne , D. Anuradha and Sapumal.

Bud and Anuradha have put some pics taken on that day. We can see those things here, here and here also

Wanna say a big thank you for the guys who involved in this process and made it a success.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Today I visit Microsoft site to see what they are upto ;-)
And in home page they have an add abt there new server 2008 :-)
the funny thing is they ask to install silverlight plugin to view more graphics and functions and when we click it we will direct into another page to download silverlight(not bad..better to ask twice b4 install microsoft things :-)
the funniest part is they gave me an exe, where im using GNU/Linux and access the site using firefox. (Who the hell they think they r, do they think we will use windblows to see what silverlight can do,....? )

Anyways this statement always true.

microsoft have g8 ideas...

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Ok.. Up to now I have tried Mandriva then Ubuntu and then Mepis and then Fedora. Actually I spend lot of time in front of Fedora box because of the training period,
Recently I tried to install Solaris 10 but as the owner of the DVD said its better to install in a separate HD than trying to dual boot it. Seems to be true as I tried to install it to the existing one the process seems to be bit complicated. SO I'm waiting for a second hand HD. (Nxt week I'll get a 80GB for rs 2000, 2 & half years old ,, (is ot too much..))

I gave the Mepis Distro to two of my friends But none was satisfied with it. The driver problems force them to use something else than Mwepis. And most of them prefer GNOME too. Yeah maybe KDE is too much and it remembers MS windows blah.. blahh .. blah..
But i shld admit although KDE has more cool apps still GNOME seems to be powerful and its not that memory hungry.. So the best one for me if we gotta internet connection is Ubuntu, and if u don't have ti shld be MEPIS as it contains all the codecs and cool apps needed for a Desktop box.

I'm still in the crusade to find out the most suited version for me. But as most of the people say we shld use the most suitable thing to get our work done asap.