Saturday, November 01, 2008


I never thought its going to be Ubuntu that I'm going to use with my laptop. nut it happened.after bringing it up to the level
i need, the new release came. 8.10. Most of my friends suggest not to install it and guess there will be lot of bugs that will eventually bring down the whole machine. Ok, but somebody have to do it. :)
After all it will be just installing the OS again, if something goes wrong. Its still downloading the new packages and hopefully
it will work fine. :D
The best thing was two of my friends install Ubuntu in there machines(one was a PC and the other was HP pavilion). Everything is ok with PC but it didn't recognize Vista during the installation. :)
With laptop we didn't have needed firmware to bring up the wireless card. :(
but we been able to compile the new kernel with drivers and viola.. It works.But my friend need to get all these compiz effects with his nvidia card and it didn't work. We refer half of the web but for no result.
Ubuntu is good. its good as the starting point. I can talk about the starting point since I'm in the starting point.
There are nearly 10 or so people who use linux(ubuntu mostly) for there day to day work. Kind of a leap in progression as a result of moving to the level 4 :)
Hope there will be more friends to share the knowledge with the end of the Semester.

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