Friday, May 30, 2008


After trying 6 distros including
ubuntu - shld have a internet connection
mepis - great, But KDE
fedora 8 - good but I feel it's not for me(Too much)
BLAG - good distro based on FC7, but seems it need internet connection too
OpenSuse - big mistake, it crashes when I tried to mount NTFS (after all it comes from Novell)
then I came to know PCLOS
actually this one seems to good for my needs since it has almost everything and can be download what ever the software we want with dependencies.
just try apt-get install wireshark
it will show what it needed and where we can download it. Since I don't have internet connection it can't connect and it will show the error with link.
So I can use the links to download the rpm's.
Maybe this can be done with apt-get with every distro, and that shld find out first. If it is yes I can go to my ever loving ubuntu.

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