Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kubuntu 11.10 - Dissapointed

Yeah. I love Kubuntu. But after the recent installation of Kubuntu 11.10, it's not a nice experience. I have used beta versions that might be better than this. It's being more than a month after it was released. And I still have huge loads of new issues and regressions. Right now my laptop fans are running on full speed without any process actively using the CPU, Mobile Broadband dongle doesn't work properly, Would be able to see random crashes while shutting down, long delays at  starting ups and shutting down, Making permanent entries in classic menu wasn't working are few of the problems. 

I accept the developers work hard on this and full credit should go for them for putting this up for free. But with this rapid release cycles, I think Kubuntu can't make a stable Operating system, and that's bad. Is it better to go for stability over features. Or should I select another OS which suits me.

Yeah... With all my love towards Kubuntu, I think I should start contributing in some how and should start reporting bugs at least.  Lets see how this can be done...