Saturday, March 01, 2008


Ok.. Up to now I have tried Mandriva then Ubuntu and then Mepis and then Fedora. Actually I spend lot of time in front of Fedora box because of the training period,
Recently I tried to install Solaris 10 but as the owner of the DVD said its better to install in a separate HD than trying to dual boot it. Seems to be true as I tried to install it to the existing one the process seems to be bit complicated. SO I'm waiting for a second hand HD. (Nxt week I'll get a 80GB for rs 2000, 2 & half years old ,, (is ot too much..))

I gave the Mepis Distro to two of my friends But none was satisfied with it. The driver problems force them to use something else than Mwepis. And most of them prefer GNOME too. Yeah maybe KDE is too much and it remembers MS windows blah.. blahh .. blah..
But i shld admit although KDE has more cool apps still GNOME seems to be powerful and its not that memory hungry.. So the best one for me if we gotta internet connection is Ubuntu, and if u don't have ti shld be MEPIS as it contains all the codecs and cool apps needed for a Desktop box.

I'm still in the crusade to find out the most suited version for me. But as most of the people say we shld use the most suitable thing to get our work done asap.

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