Friday, January 16, 2009

Our new forum

Here we have our own forum to express each others ideas freely.

All credit goes to Yoshan for customizing and managing it. I request all ar batch mates to contribute to the forum and make it alive.
I heard lot of complains from our friends like
1) Who's going to ask questions here?
2) Who's going to answer..?
3) Is it a joke..?

Dear friends, this is our thing. We are the one whose going to do these things. Believe urself and contribute to it as u can. We aren't elite. But we can help each other. And we saw that most of our friends have no understating abt a forum and they don't know how to manage it...! C'mon guys. Where r we from doesn't matter, think about what r u now..! Software engineers...! I know most of u guys love to use free software. So why you guys think abt contributing to it in some how. I see this forum as one such oppotunity.

We are going to continue our knowledge sharing sessions from next week. And we invite all the interseted people to come and participate.

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